Don’t feel sick even if it is difficult to cross the street!

I went to Shibuya for some shopping today.
Speaking of Shibuya, do you know this famous crossing on attached photo?
This crossing is located in front of Shibuya Station.
A green light for pedestrians is on and people cross the street from every direction to every direction at the same time.
It is said that 2000 – 3000 pedestrians cross the street at one time.
Do you imagine how it is?
I, a resident in Tokyo, feel sick when I walk on this crossing because of too many people.
But I often find foreign travelers taking photos there.
Crowd of people on this crossing is common scenery for local resident, but it is rare scenery for foreign visitors or even for Japanese who live out of Tokyo.

I often go to supermarket when I go to foreign country.
It is very interesting for me, for a foreign visitor.
The crossing in Shibuya is just like this.
It is very interesting for foreign visitors, even though it is common scenery for local resident.
I often think that I should find something interesting in our common scenery and I should inform them to foreign people to enjoy staying in Tokyo.

By the way, there is underground pass way under the crossing.
If you don’t like crowd of people, you should walk there instead of crossing.
Whoops, if you don’t like to have such an experience, you will not plan to come to Shibuya. Forget is!


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