Family ties for Japanese

My brother came to my home today, saying he had something to ask me.
He said that he will be hospitalized because of illness.
He was hospitalized with illness two years ago.
It seems that it has turned back.
Blood is necessary for treatment, so he asked me to provide blood.
Of course I said “Yes” because he is one of my important family members.

It is said that Japanese family ties is thin.
You, a Muslim, on the other hand, really value their families.
My Kuwaiti friend, who is Muslim, is always so.
When he came to Japan on a trip, he often called his family in his country many times and long time during his stay in Japan.
Also, when he is in his country, he visit his parents every week.

On the other hand, when Japanese people go abroad, they call their family only once and for short time, just to say “I am OK”.
My Kuwaiti friend recommended that I should meet my parents every week or once a month at least.
Before he said so, I always meet my parents only a few times a year.
Now I meet my parents every month.

When you compare yourself and Japanese in the way above, it seems that Japanese don’t care their families.
But it is not correct.
I definitely say families are important for Japanese.
Although it may be a few times to meet each other, they will help each other in case of difficult situation.
They meet their families on the day something important.

As you might know, Japanese people do not express emotions on their faces.
But they have emotions in their heart.
It is the same thing for their families.
When I meet Muslim people, I can really understand from their speech and behavior that Muslim people take care of their families.

But the difference between Muslim people and Japanese is only difference how to express.
When you come to Japan, please have a deep communication with Japanese people.
You will understand what I say today.


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