Why do people wear mask in Japan?

A lot of Japanese people suffer from hay fever in this season.
I have had hay fever since I was in elementary school.
I do not know whether the word “hay fever” are known in public at that time.
Only my runny nose is very serious, on the other hand, my friends didn’t have such experience.

It is still the season of hay fever.
But I think I have already got rid of it.
The reason why I used the expression of “get rid of” is because I stop running nose by my spirit.
Do you believe it?

I always wear a mask when I go out this season.
I will take off a mask when I am meeting a person or indoors.
I have worn mask for long time, but I have never like wearing mask.
So last week, I decided that I would never wear mask any longer!
After my decision, I stopped wearing mask.
In the result I have not had serious running nose!
It is surprising.

If you come to Japan in spring, you will see a lot of people wearing mask.
The reason is hay fever.
Don’t feel it strange.


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