Cherry Blossom in full bloom?

Japan weather association announced that cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Tokyo yesterday.

But look at the picture attached. This picture was taken in central Tokyo yesterday.

Do you think it full bloom?

I don’t think so. It is in 30% bloom.

But it is not so important.

We enjoy “Hanami” near cherry blossoms with our friends or families.

Hanami means enjoying looking cherry blossoms.

But we have good expression ” Hana yori dango”.

It means we enjoy eating or drinking rather than looking flowers.

So, we don’t care if cherry blossoms are in full bloom or 30% bloom.

The important thing is to spend time with friends or families.

If you come to Japan in season of cherry blossom , why not enjoy Hanami like Japanese people do?

Be careful, because some people are too much drunken.

You should choose parks where alcohol is prohibited.


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