It was too hot today.

It was too hot, and maximum temperature was 26 degrees Celsius today.
It is still April.
As I mentioned earlier, there was cold day and I needed overcoat, but today, it was very hot, both of the days are in April. What happened?
I expect hot weather in May.
Is it climatic variation?
I feel Spring and Autumn was shorter than before in these several years.
I have to take my clothes for Spring and Autumn to the cleaner’s and put them into closet just after I wear a few times.
It is difficult to tell the climate how it is cold, hot, warm or cool to the foreign guest.
And in case of my visiting abroad as well.
I went to San Francisco several times. The climate was always difficult there.
I needed jacket in Summer, on the other hand, I wore only T-shirts in daytime in Spring.
The feeling temperature in foreign countries will be different from home country. It is difficult to know which clothes you should take only from weather forecast.
I will try try try anyway!


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