Big mistake

Ahhhhhhh, big mistake!!!!!!
I visited my client today but he wasn’t in his office.
I visited him 1 hour prior to the appointment.
I heard that appointment was 1:00PM, but actual appointment was 2:00PM.

Not my fault,
My colleague made an appointment with the client.
He did it……

Then we had to wait for him for 1 hour.
But I had another appointment in 1.5H.
I request him to handle the meeting and I left for next appointment.

By the way, have you made a mistake like above when you are abroad?
I remembered one time.
When I was on a business trip in India, I always rent a car with driver for all day.
I told the driver the next departure time, 2:15.
Then I waited for the car at the hotel entrance at 2:15 but the car didn’t come.
Finally the car came to me at 2:50.
He misunderstood about Fifteen and Fifty.
It is an elementary mistake, isn’t it?
When I request something with number in English, I always reconfirm the number like “fifteen”, followed by “one five”.
But I didn’t do so at that time.

Well, when I welcome you, I shouldn’t make such mistake.
You should make good and unforgettable experience, but if I made such mistake, you will bad experience.
From today’s mistake, I thought I should reconfirm what/how/when to do again.


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