Sore Muscle

I often go to fitness club for muscles training.

Of course, for my health!!

Sometimes I am training my body really hard.

So…. I have a sore muscle…

I have a sore muscle on my chest, shoulders, and hip. These muscles might be my weak points.

Thanks to the training, I keep my health. I haven’t had a cold or any other sick for several years. (Except hay fever. It is allergy.)

I had had backache until 5 year ago. After I started to go to fitness club for training, I recovered from backache. This is wonderful thing!

One more thing. I keep my body shape and body weight. My current body weight is nearly equal to the weight at my graduating high-school. After graduating high-school, I was getting fat for about 10 Kg. Wow! But now, back to the weight at graduating high-school. Do you believe it?

I often care of my health. I care of what I eat as well as training. Health is most important for me to do anything.

If I am sick, I cannot welcome traveler from foreign countries, I cannot find good idea for business, I cannot work for my client, etc…

Do you take care of yourself?


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