The Hachiman-bori in Shiga Prefecture is a man-made channel going through Omihachiman City. The channel connected the town to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake. This allowed Omihachiman to develop into a thriving merchant town during the Edo Period, and the residents have worked hard to ensure the city retains its historic charm. Along either side of the channel, those same traditional merchant houses and storerooms greet visitors. This attracts not only those hoping to catch a glimpse of Old Edo, but movie buffs, too. The antique housing and streetscape provides the perfect backdrop for period movies like the live-action version of the samurai epic Rurouni Kenshin. As a result, the river boat cruise along the Hachiman-bori is one of Omihachiman’s most popular tourist attractions.

A picture that could be a scene of Omihachiman two hundred years ago | © go.biwako/Flickr

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