Sapporo Science Center

A planetarium and a museum of Hokkaido’s nature and science that you can enjoy with your children
Sapporo Science Center is a nature and science museum where you can experience and learn about the universe and science. Among the 200 or so exhibits, including the virtual universe adventure, exhibits unique to the snowy and cold region such as the world’s first artificial snow machine and the artificial aurora generator are a must-see. On the first floor is Hokkaido’s largest planetarium; on the second floor, at the “Astronomy & Earth Science Corner”, satellite imagery of the northern hemisphere is projected onto a giant globe and you can look down on it from a room on the third floor modeled on Japan’s experimental module “Kibo” at the international space station. Events such as astronomical observation meetings are held from time to time at the Sapporo Science Center, and there is a common discount coupon which can be used at the neighboring Sunpiazza Aquarium, so during the summer holidays, you can enjoy a whole day sightseeing in Sapporo with your children.

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