Koiwai Farm

The origin of Zipangu, a mysterious land of gold, lies within Iwate
A natural ideal, an ideal nature – Koiwai Farm

In his much-examined travelogue, Marco Polo recounts his own obsession with a legendary land of gold called Zipangu, which is now thought to refer to the Tohoku region of Japan, namely Iwate Prefecture.
Iwate has been home to a rich culture for centuries. The Konjiki-dō or ‘Golden Hall’ at Chūson-ji Temple has a recorded history stretching back one thousand years. More recently, Iwate was the location for one of the more unusual success stories following the drive to industrialize and modernize Japan. Iwate is the site of one of Japan’s largest privately-owned dairy farms, Koiwai Farm. The farm encapsulates coexistence with nature, one of the most important challenges that we face today.
So come and visit us at Koiwai Farm – and take the opportunity to have unique experiences that can only take place here.


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