Lake Kawaguchi

Those two lakes are dammed lakes that were formed by Fujisan’s volcanicactivity and they both belong to the Fuji Five Lakes. In a document likely written by Hasegawa Kakugyo in the late 16th century, Lake Yamanakako and Lake Kawaguchiko were mentioned as lakes in which he underwent religious bathing. In the “Sanju-ichi-nichi no Omaki” written in 1733, JikigyoMiroku (founder of the Fuji-ko faith) mentioned eight lakes as places for religious pilgrimage. Of those eight lakes, Lake Yamanakako and Lake Kawaguchiko, as part of the Fuji Five Lakes, have remained places for religious bathing pilgrimage.
Lake Kawaguchikois the second largest in terms of area and has the longest shoreline of the Fuji Five Lakes. It is also the only lake of the five to be traversed by a bridge. Depending on the season, Lake Kawaguchiko can be surrounded by beautiful flowers or by a riot of fall colors. In the middle of the lake visitors can see Unoshima island, and when the surface of the lake is still and calm, one can see the famed reflection of Fujisan. Of the five lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko has the largest number of visitors, and is popular with fishing and water sports enthusiasts, etc. In the immediate area there are a wide range of facilities for visitors, such as large scale amusement parks and hotels, onsen hot spring resorts and art museums, etc.

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