Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

One of most famous zoos surrounded by nature
Renewed creative exhibition facilities also an attraction

Maruyama Zoo opened as the 10th largest zoo in the nation in 1951. Its origin stems from Sapporo City hosting a travelling zoo for the “Ueno Zoo” located in Tokyo. Having achieved a good response from people, the city decided to open a zoo itself. As of June, 2013, the zoo has 184 varieties of mammals, birds and reptiles as well as raising and exhibiting 991 types of living creatures. The philosophy behind the zoo is to recreate the natural habitat of the animals so that they will act according to their natural instincts. New facilities are being built with the concept of “natural habitat exhibition” where the animals and visitors can share the same experience. There is also the “Forest of the Zoo” which is approximately 2ha in area and on the border of the zoo and Maruyama Primeval Forest, a natural monument. This area aims to recreate the Sapporo of 50 years ago when there was always nature close by. The Maruyama Zoo is one of the most nature-oriented zoos in the nation.

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