Camphor Tree at Kinomiya Shrine

Atami Kinomiya-jinja shrine has been worshiped since ancient times as a deity bringing good fortune and good luck, and the giant camphor tree over 2,000 years in age that stands to the left at the back of the main shrine impresses people with its overwhelming vitality. This giant camphor tree has been revered as a sacred tree enshrining the soul of the deity. It has been said that each time you walk around the trunk, one extra year is added to your life, and that if you hold your wishes in your heart and go around the trunk, they will be fulfilled. The stream of visitors to the shrine never ends. Enjoy a walk around the precincts enveloped in greenery while enjoying “good fortune sweets” made from parched-barley flour, which is a favorite of the deity of Kinomiya-jinja Shrine. You are sure to enjoy a relaxing time.


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