Tonami Tulip Gallery

Tonami Tulip Gallery is a flower garden located in Tonami, Toyama Prefecture. Toyama Prefecture is the biggest importer of tulip bulbs in Japan, and the Tonami area is particularly suitable for tulip cultivation. Inside the glass atrium you can find the “Tulip Museum”, “Tulip Square” and “Tulip Terrace” where you can enjoy tulips all year round. Apart from these, there is a large hall where flower shows and various events are held. A flower classroom and flower exhibitions are held and there are various tulip-themed gift shops and restaurants. The most popular part of the museum is an area where the history and culture of tulips are presented, as well as a computer and coloring experience. Why not try their lovely pink tulip ice cream as well? You can even see tulips along the promenade that connect the museum with rice fields. Be sure to take a picture here as it will make a good memory of the visit.


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