Green Park

The largest park in the city, with its theme of “encountering water, greenery, and animals,” provides an enormous, four-hectare grassy open space, a tropical garden, a pony area, and a cycling course.
And the centerpiece, a rose garden with 320 different kinds of roses and 2500 rose plants for a total of one million roses blooming everywhere. The garden flourishes with many visitors in spring and in fall.
Within the park, Hibiki Animal World is known as a leading facility in Japan for raising marsupials. Here you can see around 250 kangaroos and wallabies as well as wallaroo.
Feeding rock-wallabies is a fantastic experience, and you can do it here.
In addition, there are places where you can get up close and personal with water dragons, chameleons, and other tropical reptiles, as well as channel-billed toucans and other birds, in the tropical house.

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