Kashiwajima (Island)

The Paradise for divers:
Kashiwajima is a small island around 4 km in the westernmost tip Otsuki Town of Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku, but the peripheral sea area attracts its attention nationwide as a spot of scuba diving and fishing in the rich sea where fish rise to approximately 1,000 kinds the same as the Kuroshio Current of the Pacific and the entrance of the Seto Inland Sea. The beauty of the sea around the island is splendid so as to be equal to Okinawa and the Ogasawara Islands, which divers admire for sure. Snorkel is enough for a tourist who does not try scuba diving. The experience of the sea of azure on a sightseeing boat is impressive. It is really far for non-residents, staying overnight at least is necessary. However, the charm will make you go again if you experience it once on this island.


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