The origins of Kendama are still unknown but scientists assume that this toy has been present in the history of mankind from immemorial times and it was used as some sort of training in hunting cultures to master hand-eye co-ordination. However, the Japanese Kendama has become a pastime toy for children only in the 18th century and through the Silk route it has arrived even in France. The French have “Bilboquet” toy which is similar to Kendama. In 1919, Hamaji Egusa from Hatsukaichi city in Hiroshima prefecture remodelled the toy and applied for a patent. From then, the modern Kendama`s birthplace has been Hatsukaichi. This toy has become so popular that even fan associations across many countries emerged. Nation level tournaments and competitions have started taking place as well. The Japanese Kendama Association has been conducting Kendama contests since 1979. British Kendama Association was the first association to hold Kendama games outside of Japan in 2008. There are many tricks in how to play Kendama. Even Robotic Kendama games are also being held.


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