Nasu, long beloved by the imperial family, is considered an ideal location for city-dwelling Kanto region residents to have a country villa where they can escape humid summers and enjoy winter sports.
“Nasu” refers to the mountainous areas Nasu Shiobara and Nasu Kogen (Nasu Highland) in Tochigi Prefecture. It is is known for its numerous hot spring and ski resorts. The eight hot springs are collectively known as Nasu Onsen or Nasu Hachiyu.
Because Nasu is treasured for its idyllic location, convenience stores and other colorful shops and restaurants are housed in brown-roofed, earth-tone buildings so that they blend into the natural surroundings in Tochigi Prefecture. From Coco Curry to 7/11, you’ll find them all on Nasu’s main road, along with family-owned cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.


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