When traveling around Japan, you may find a vertical fabric hanging in front of the entrance of stores. That fabric is called the noren. In this article you will get to know more about the noren, an item unique to Japan.
The noren was originally made to protect the house from the rain and wind. It also kept the house warm on cold days and created a shade during the hot summer days. However, lately it serves a larger purpose and meaning.
Many of the noren contain names of the shops or symbols that represent the shop, called the yago (*1). It is used like a main signboard for a shop and this yago represents the trust and the class of the shop itself.
Furthermore, when a long-term disciple of the shop leaves to become an independent worker, they are granted the privilege of using the yago to show that the disciple’s shop has taken on the master’s traits. In Japanese, when the disciple receives permission to become independent, the term used is noren wake or “the sharing of the noren”.
Now can you see why the noren holds such importance to shops?


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