Mt. Yudono

Katarunakare, Kikunakare. Don’t speak. Don’t ask. This phrase refers to the mountain regarded as the most sacred of the three Dewa Sanzan, Mt. Yudono. Mt. Yudono is a 1504m high peak on a ridge that lies 8km east of the summit of Mt. Gassan alongside the Bonji river that flows down through Asahi Town on its way to Tsuruoka. Also known as “the shrine deep at the back of the Dewa Sanzan” (出羽三山の奥宮), Mt. Yudono has been a key feature of Yamabushi pilgrimages since Prince Hachiko opened the mountains for worship in the late 6th century A.D., and it is still revered by thousands of visitors to the region to this day.


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