Kids Plaza Osaka

A fun museum for kids, located close by the Ogimachi Station of the subway Sakaisuji Line, aiming to bring kids fresh discovery and surprises from everyday things through playing and enjoying themselves. The Let’s Try Floor of the 5th floor is largely hands-on; kids can make electricity, see the world through the eyes of a bug or make a news program . On Let’s Play Floor of the 4th floor, kids can enjoy the ladders and steep slides of Henteko-na-machi (strange town), the symbol of this plaza designed by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. On the Let’s Make Floor of the 3rd floor, programs to know “the joy of making things” are held. There are Creative Studio, Computer Studio, and Digital Experience Plaza “Aqua” where you can experience the digital devices. Within the same building is Science Satellite, in the basement are restaurants and right outside is Ogimachi Park. There is everything that’s necessary to keep children entertained for an entire day. Various events are held on weekends and holidays.


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