Iriomote Island

One of the Remote Islands in Southwestern Japan(Okinawa)!
Iriomote Island (西表島) is the second largest island of the Okinawa prefecture, with an area of 289.27 km2. Unlike for Hateruma or Hatoma Island, you might want to consider a moped or car instead of a bike. Iriomote may be large, but it is mostly uninhabited and is therefore the most naturally beautiful of all the Okinawan islands. The population is roughly 2,500, scattered in small towns to villages along the north to south east coasts. Each town or village is linked with a single well-made road. Consequently, the inland and the entire west coast is pure unspoiled nature! While much of this land is not so easily accessible, lucky for us, certain areas can be reached in various tour groups by boat or kayak!


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