Nebuta Warasse

The Nebuta Warasse (ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ, Nebuta no ie Wa Rasse) is an interesting museum dedicated to the city’s famous Nebuta Matsuri which is held annually in early August. The museum is housed in a unique building covered in red metal slats and stands along Aomori’s waterfront district just north of Aomori Station.
The Nebuta Warasse museum attempts to capture the spirit of the festival and gives visitors a taste of its lively atmosphere, history and traditions. Upon entering the second floor entrance to the exhibitions, visitors are presented with the sights of the festival along a red corridor lined with photos and images from the Nebuta Matsuri’s 300 year history. Lanterns in the shape of red goldfish, another symbol of the festival, hang along the corridor where the recorded sounds of taiko drums, flutes, and voices play.


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