Lake Biwa Museum

Lake Biwa Museum is located in Shiga Prefecture. This museum has a variety of events and exhibits related to Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa. Their permanent exhibits include information on how Lake Biwa was originally formed, its current state, and the relationship between the lake and the people who lived near it. They also have a tunnel-style aquarium where you can see the kinds of things that live in Lake Biwa’s freshwater environment. Finally, they have a hands-on exhibit room named the “Discovery Room” with unique exhibits in it.
Outside of the museum they have a reproduction of the ancient forest formerly surrounding Lake Biwa and also a waterway where you can see the ecology of the inhabitants of Lake Biwa. Depending on the time of year the museum also hosts a variety of hands-on events both inside and outside of the museum. The museum has a museum shop for people interested in souvenirs. At the museum restaurant you can try Shiga Prefecture’s local specialty Omi Beef and also dishes made with black bass and catfish from Lake Biwa.


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