Kajo Park

Kajo Park is located on the site of former Yamagata castle in Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture. In mid-April approximately 1500 somei-yoshino cherry blossom bloom on the premises and the park is full with visitors. At night, cherry blossom are illuminated. During the full blooming period, visitors to the park are greeted by actors dressed up as military men and artisans of the Edo Period (1603-1868).
The park is a nationally designated historic site and the cherry blossom is also an Important Natural Monument. It is a popular tourist spot which ranked in Top 100 Japanese castles and Top 100 historic parks of Japan.
This is a former site of Yamagata Castle. It was built in 1357 by a prominent leader from Yamagata, Shiba Kaneyori. The castle played a crucial role in the famous Battle of Sekigahara. Currently, only moats and stone fences remain but the restored wooden Ninomaru East Gate does made up an atmosphere as the past.
Business hours are from 5:00 to 22:00. Between December and March the entrance is from 5:30.


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