Taiho-ike Pond

Due to a large explosion in 1915, the Azusa River was blocked and suddenly formed a beautiful pond. The pond that remains reflects the surrounding mountains and forests, creating a beautiful and fantastic atmosphere. It is famous as one of the Kamikochi’s beautiful landscapes, and although the pond is beautiful by itself, it is even more beautiful during the sunset and in the morning, so it is strongly recommended that you at least stay overnight to see the pond in its various states.
When it was formed the pond area was 3.9km2 with many trees, but due to erosion it has been gradually shrinking, and is now less than half its original size. It is believed that it will one day vanish entirely, so it’s highly recommended if you want to see it before it disappears someday.
From November 16 until April 26 of every year, Kamikochi’s facilities go on winter vacation and travel to the area becomes difficult so it is not suitable to visit during the winter season.


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