SL Yamaguchi

SL Yamaguchi, an engine model steam locomotive train runs on JR West Japan Yamaguchi line from March to November on Saturdays and Sundays. Steam locomotives used to dominate Japanese railways but with the spread of electricity and diesel engines, they became outdated and were pulled out of service in 1975. Recently, retro trains have become a popular thing in Japan. The C571 steam locomotive train runs through the unspoiled countryside between JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station(Yamaguchi) and Tsuwano Station(62.9 km – 2 hrs). The C571 is nicknamed “The Lady”, as its beautiful black solid iron body impresses SL fans. In order to ride SL Yamaguchi, you need to have a ticket with a specified seat. You can purchase it one month in advance from 10 o’clock at JR ticket offices all across the country.


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