Fruits Picking in Autumn

Japan is famous for really delicious fruit. Rather than eat the expensive stuff from speciality shops and supermarkets, why not pick your own fresh from the tree?
Seasonal foods are a big deal in Japanese culture. On top of that, Japanese fruit tends to be of really high quality. One interesting twist to put on your trip is to get out of the big city and pick fresh fruit. It’s a nice activity to add on to your onsen stay as well. You can pick all kinds of fruit all over the country, but we chose 5 autumn fruits and the 5 prefectures most famous for them.
Generally speaking, there are two basic systems for picking fruit so the two Japanese words you’ll need to know for this are 食べ放題 tabehodai (all you can eat) and ~狩り gari (picking). The former is usually unlimited, the latter tends to have a time limit. Alright then, let’s look at some farms!


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