Toyama Castle Park

Toyama Castle Park (富山城址公園, Toyama Jōshi Kōen) covers the former grounds of Toyama Castle in central Toyama. The park contains a reconstructed castle keep, an art museum, a nice Japanese garden, spacious lawns and a statue of the former local lord. It is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing usually around early to mid April.
The castle itself was originally constructed in 1543. During the Edo Period, it served as the base of the Toyama branch of the Maeda clan whose cousins controlled neighboring Kaga Province from Kanazawa and were second in wealth only to the shogun. The castle keep was dismantled during the Meiji Period but was rebuilt in 1954 in ferro-concrete. Some parts of the castle’s walls and moats remain, as well. The inside of the keep houses the “Toyama Municipal Folk Museum” which recounts the city’s and castle’s history. An observation deck is located on the top floor.


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