Takeda Shrine

Takeda Shingen (1521-1573) was a famous warrior in Sengoku-jidai (civil war era).
He was the ruler of Kai (old name of Yamanashi)
Takeda singen territory
Red area was his territory at that time.
His father Takeda Nobutora started to live Tsutsujigasaki (Now place of Takeda Shrine) in 1519.
His son Katsuyori lived this place.
Three generations of Takeda clan lived here and ruled Kai for 63 years.
Takeda Shrine was established in 1919 at the site of Tsutsujigaski.
Takeda Shingen is enshrined as a deity at this shrine.
There are moat, stonewalls, and old well still preserved as the original shape.
There is a small museum inside the shrine that stores the Yoshioka Hitomoji, which is a Japanese sword designated as National Cultural Property, and also Takeda Shingen’s armor and fan.
Now Takeda Shrine is registered National Historical Site.
Every year they have a festival on April 12, which is the day Takeda Shingen died.
The portable shrine is carried from Yuki Park (Outamachi Park), which is four kilometers away from the shrine.


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