Suizenji Jojuen Park

Suizenji Jojuen Park is a traditional Japanese garden landscaped around a natural spring pond. The area was originally the site of Suizenji temple, constructed in 1632 by Lord Hosokawa Tadatoshi of Kumamoto. Sometime later, his grandson, Lord Tsunatoshi, built the garden around the temple into its current form. The placement of the pond, trees, and hills were supposedly meant to represent parts of the 53 Stations of the Tokaido, a famous route that ran from Edo to Kyoto, and included in the landscaping is a miniature Mt. Fuji. The Kokin-Denju-no-Ma teahouse located inside the park was brought from Kyoto in 1912 and is now a place were visitors can enjoy traditionally-prepared Japanese tea. Izumi Shrine is located on the north side of the park.

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