Kirishima Jingu Shrine

One of the most appealing aspects of Kagoshima as a whole is its continued connection to history and tradition, a dreamlike characteristic not always present in the more urbanized areas of modern Japan. At times it feels like you cannot turn around without tripping over a little Tanokami, or striking your head on a torii (I exaggerate; torii/鳥居 are the gateways to shrines, and are generally quite tall. Unless the gate is very low/broken, or you are some sort of titan you should have no problem saving yourself from concussion). It is a prefecture practically melting with history, and local legends flow as abundantly as Satsuma Shōchū. As far as lovely day trips into the past you cannot go too far wrong with a visit to Kirishima Shrine, located about ten kilometers north-east of Kirishima City.

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